The Vulnerability of a Positive Perspective

At every level of our culture, there is a trend to avoid vulnerability at essentially all costs. Vulnerability feels scary, raw, and sometimes just too honest. Recently, I have been reading the book Daring Greatly by Brené Brown, and it has profoundly shifted my perspective on the purpose and potential of vulnerability. If you haven’t … More The Vulnerability of a Positive Perspective


It really is remarkable how much can be communicated in a moment of silence. I recall a few weeks ago when a significant announcement was made regarding a core family of our church and the silence that ensued as we heard the news spoke volumes in terms of the incredible value this family is to the … More Silence


I’ve always said I like change. I feel a renewed sense of energy, a breath of fresh air, and generally uplifted when I see purposeful shifts around me. Lately I’ve been learning that this is actually a very conditional attitude: I like change when it’s my idea. And while I can put a positive spin … More Transitions

No Hope In 2017

Near the end of 2016 I found myself bombarded by articles, blogs, whiny memes and huffed chatter about how horrible the year 2016 had been. Most cited the numerous celebrity deaths and one celebrity turned president elect as the main ingredients for the concoction that made for a bad year. I would like to argue … More No Hope In 2017

Raised Hands

I’m definitely much more of a thinker than a feeler. It’s easier to experience God through my mind than my heart. I do experience Him on an emotional level at times, but these are rare and honestly more often confusing than not. Intellectual analysis of a felt experience of God is, for the most part, … More Raised Hands