Preamble: What follows is a brief reflection on prayer, as informed by personal experience, seminary studies, and a Master’s Thesis I wrote on the nature of prayer and attention. It interacts with prayer in ways that are likely unfamiliar to many, but which are, I assure you, quite orthodox (as in “theologically acceptable”). My intent … More Words


It really is remarkable how much can be communicated in a moment of silence. I recall a few weeks ago when a significant announcement was made regarding a core family of our church and the silence that ensued as we heard the news spoke volumes in terms of the incredible value this family is to the … More Silence

Raised Hands

I’m definitely much more of a thinker than a feeler. It’s easier to experience God through my mind than my heart. I do experience Him on an emotional level at times, but these are rare and honestly more often confusing than not. Intellectual analysis of a felt experience of God is, for the most part, … More Raised Hands

Reality Check

Submitted by Stephen Kornhaus I find it remarkable how much fame and infamy can be combined in a single person, at least if my Facebook newsfeed is to be believed. I find it remarkable how much hope and despair (often for the same issues) can be combined in a single person. As I reflect, I … More Reality Check

Looking for Hope

Submitted by Stephen Kornhaus I find it remarkable how much time I waste on Facebook these days. I don’t mean merely browsing through when I could be doing something better (which is certainly part of it), it’s like I really don’t even want to be there. Sometimes, the most enjoyable part of my experience on … More Looking for Hope